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Welcome to Caerwent Craft Chocolate LTD, your premier destination for exquisite chocolate experiences based in Caerwent, UK. At Caerwent Craft Chocolate, we are passionate about the art of chocolate-making and dedicated to bringing you the finest, handcrafted chocolates that we have to offer.

Our journey began in the heart of Caerwent, where our founder’s love for chocolate and dedication to quality merged into a delectable vision. We believe that exceptional chocolate starts with the selection of the finest cocoa beans, and we source our ingredients meticulously to ensure unparalleled flavor and texture.

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What sets Caerwent Craft Chocolate apart is our commitment to sustainability. We take pride in our environmentally conscious practices, from sourcing ethically grown cocoa beans to using fully recyclable packaging.

What truly distinguishes Caerwent Craft Chocolate is our unyielding dedication to sustainability. We are not just chocolate makers; we are stewards of the environment. Our approach is rooted in conscious practices, from ethically sourced cocoa beans that support farmers and their communities to our use of fully recyclable packaging.

With every sumptuous bite, you’re not only savoring the taste of luxury but also joining hands with us to protect our beautiful planet.

Craftsmanship is at the core of everything we do. Our chocolates are not just confections; they are artistic expressions of our passion and precision. Every piece of Caerwent Craft Chocolate is lovingly handcrafted, ensuring that each bite is an exquisite experience.

Whether you have an insatiable craving for dark, velvety indulgence or a penchant for the smooth embrace of milk chocolate, our wide range of flavors and varieties caters to every discerning palate.

Our reviews

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Mr. Geddes

Had the pleasure of sampling a range of chocolate products recently, The 65% & 75% have a smooth intensity.

Proper grownups chocolate and perfect accompaniment to a red wine or malt whisky.

The honeycomb was fabulous – creamy chocolate and a crunchy interior that tingles your tongue as it melts away.

Love the products and the concept !!!

Becky Davis

Absolutely delicious chocolate I tried the 75% alongside a leading chocolate brand and much preferred Caerwent Craft chocolate. Lovely to taste the quality of the cocoa bean used and the recyclable packaging is a great touch!

Livvy Karakoc

I’ve been lucky enough to try the 75% dark chocolate as well as the milk chocolate, both of which were very tasty! The chocolate was lovely and smooth and looked very professional ☺️ I shared them with my husband who is a big dark chocolate fan who was equally impressed! I am looking forward to buy a few bars to enjoy over Christmas!

Fiona Kussy

Lovely chocolate, I’d happily recommend the 65% dark and the milk. The plastic free packaging is great and makes you realise just how much care and thought has gone in to producing this yummy chocolate.

Patricia Pasisi

I have tried Caerwent’s chocolate and I absolutely love it. Dark chocolate is my favourite and the 65% and 75% was so delicious and very smooth, I can’t wait for their website to be up and running! I know a lot of thought has gone into producing this chocolate, from beans to packaging and their passion has come through during the whole process and I totally support small businesses!

Sheila Hines

We recently participated in a blind test comparing Caerwent Craft Chocolate with some other characterized similar chocolates. Every participant selected CCC for each and every category! Honestly, there really was no comparison! This chocolate was so smooth, rich and tasty! I walked away with every available bar of chocolate they had on hand!
I highly recommend you trying this chocolate and believe you will find your new favorite gourmet chocolate maker!
  • Gourmet chocolates

Mercy Simon

Just got the new smooth orange flavoured Easter egg with little milk Easter eggs inside. Delicious and melts your worries even if it’s for a moment. Didn’t disappoint. Very well received by the whole family.
  • Great for children
  • Unique desserts

Sarah Tutin

I bought the chocolate covered honeycomb and the orange milk chocolate valentines bar. Absolutely delicious! Didn’t last long!!You can tell its quality chocolate. Would recommend both!

Loved this chocolate!!!! It was

Loved this chocolate!!!!
It was a present and I don’t normally buy dark but the only word to describe it is unctuous!!!
It was full of flavour but not bitter like most I have tried. All great but I think Ecuadorian would be a favorite if I had to choose
The crunchie was grown up – so much better than the shop one and the stirrers were snaffled by visiting children and they loved them! Will get more for Easter
Thank you for getting me into proper chocolate

Louise Forgan

Dark chocolate at its best!

We met Gareth at a food festival & I explained my passion for 100% dark chocolate as I’m unable to eat anything less! Gareth offered to make a batch especially.
WOW!, This chocolate is a strong taste but also smooth, enjoyable!

I’ve found my perfect supplier of dark chocolate. Thank you Gareth.!

Paul Cosh
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