Ecuadorian Dark chocolate


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We excited to announce that our single origin Ecuadorian Chocolate is now available through our website available in 65%  75% or 85%

Our vegan dark chocolate is carefully crafted from single-origin beans, ensuring not only a delectable taste but also a commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing.

The highest graded, single source, Arriba (also known as Nacional) Ecuadorian Cocoa Beans are one of the few fine aromatic beans in the world. This high-quality cocoa bean is preferred by chocolate makers due to its superior and strong, unique aroma, and prized for its rich and smooth flavour.

Our beans are fermented under the equatorial sun, then dried with warm air. We strive to maintain its intrinsic flavour and highest antioxidant properties. Our suppliers work directly with the manufacturers and cocoa farms in Ecuador to make sure our beans are fairly traded and promote sustainability and inclusive business with our farmers.

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65%, 75%, 85%


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